DENSO Toyota 90C-V (#37) 1991 JSPC


本日はデンソートヨタ 90C-V 1991 JSPCをご紹介したいと思います。


Hello all IG collectors! Today's topic is Denso Toyota 90C-V 1991 JSPC. 

先月ご紹介しました、フロムAニッサンと同レースの、91年JSPC開幕戦 富士500kmレース時のトムスチーム37号車をモデル化しました。


It's TOM'S #37 and participated in 1991 JSPC Fuji 500km, which is the same race that From A Nissan (featured in IG racing car blong last month)joined. 



It was driven by G.Lees/P-H.Raphanel, although the name of E.Elgh was also shown up on the car.
It started from the 4th place in the preliminary. It was racing hard, but finally it finished at the 6th, 1 lap behind Nissan.




TOM'S #37 was in TAKA-Q colouring in the previous year, but changed to DENSO livery in this race. 
However,since ESSO became their main sponsor in the next race Fuji 1000km, this is the only and last Denso livery, same colouring pattern as MINOLTA,to join the race.

開幕戦と第2戦の37号車の2ショットです。車体は同じだったと思うのですが、2車では側面の凸ルーバーの有無の違いがあります(最初の画像で違いが判るかと思います)。トムスチームは第3戦 富士500マイルから37号車も91C-Vを導入して、今度は全身レッドとなりましたので、91年序盤戦は毎度変化していたことになります。こちらのトムスチームのデンソーカラー 90C-Vは間もなく発売予定です。お楽しみください!それではまた。


This is a picture of #37 cars, one at the opening and the other at the second race. 
Both has the same body basically but there is a differnece on the side.The one has the louvers but the other doesn't. 
TOM'S introduced 91C-V on #37 car from the 3rd race Fuji 500 miles. The colour of the car entirely changed to red. 
It made some changes in every race in early 1991. 
This TOM'S DENSO 90C0V will be available on the market soon. Don't miss it!