DENSO Toyota 90C-V (#38) 1990 Le Mans


本日は前回に引き続き、デンソートヨタ 90C-V 1990 Le Mansをご紹介します。


Hi all IG collectors! Today I will talk about Denso Toyota 90C-V 1990 Le Mans. 



This is SARD Denso Toyota following TOM'S MINOLTA/TAKA-Q 90C-V.




It started from 16th place in the preliminary,driven by Naoki Nagasaka/P-H.Raphanel/R.Ratzenberger.
It crushed with the other car at the beginning of the race and due to the damages on the front it went down to 46th.
It was racing hard,moving up to upper place but after 19 hours it retired because of the engine troubles.   




TOM'S machine wears Bridgestone tyres and RAYS wheels, meanwhile SARD has Dunlop tyres and BBS wheels. 
Maybe it would be also intersting to compare it with the previous TOM'S JSPC machine.They are decorated in different colours. 
This SARD Denso Toyota will be on market soon. Hope you will like it! 





After this Le Mans car in 1990, the next and last SARD Le Mans Toyota machine will be only 94C-V in 1994. 
The prototype sample model was displayed at Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan in May and now we are working on the painted preproduction sample. 
You will be updated soon about it on this blong.