OMRON PORSCHE 962C (#55) 1989 JSPC


本日はオムロン ポルシェ 962C 1989 JSPCをご紹介したいと思います。

Hello all IG collrctors!
Today I am going to feature OMRON PORSCHE 962C (#55) 1989 JSPC which will be on the market very soon in this month.


先日88年のワークス仕様オムロンポルシェを販売しましたが、こちらは翌89年のJSPCに参戦しました、シュパンチームのオムロンポルシェです。総合優勝しました第2戦 富士1000km時の仕様をモデル化しています。


It is a winning car from Schuppan team in 1989 JSPC Fuji 1000km, driven by the team owner V.Shuppan, E.Elgh and K.Matsumoto. 





This #55 started from the 5th place in the preliminary. 
At the last phase of the race there was a hard fight between this #55 and Nisseki Trust Porsche then finally #55 won the victory.
One of the featurs on this machine is its almond shaped headlight cover. The impression is more wild than Works livery. 



The body shape is same as Works livery but there are some differences on wheels (SSR wheels on this #55) and some logo marks. 
This OMRON PORSCHE model will be available in the end of this month.




Now at IG factory 1/18 scale Le Mans livery is under production. Now we are working on decals. 
The production process is almost same as 1/43 scale, but it is more impressive with more details as the model size is bigger.
Stay tuned with our coming 1/18 racing model!