NISSAN R89C 1989 Le Mans


本日はニッサン R89C 1989 ルマンの3種をご紹介していきます。


Hello all IG collectors!
Today's racing car model is Nissan R89C 1989 LeMans.




3 differnett NISSAN R89C machines in 1990 LeMans will join in IG lineup.
They are slightly different from each other and each detail is well replicated.




#23 is CALSONIC from NISMO team. It started from the 19th place, driven by M.Hasemi/K.Hoshino/ T.Suzuki. 
It raced hard and went up to the 4th place after 10 hours, but unfortunately retired due to its engine trouble.
The #23 features its front air intake with net, antenna at the front left door side and rear cowl shape. 

24号車はNME (ヨーロッパニッサン)チームのYHPです。M.ブランデル/J.ベイリー/M.ドネリー組のドライブにより、予選12位からスタート。圧倒的な速さで周回し、4周目で3位まで上がるもミュルサンヌコーナーで2位ジャガーと接触し、惜しくも早々にリタイアしてしまいました。24号車はスピードラインのホイールが特徴です。リアウィングの高さも23/25号車と比べて若干低めのセッティングでした。


#24 is YHP from NME.It started from the 12th place in the prealiminary, driven by M.Blundell/J.Bailey/M.Donnelly. 
It raced very well and it was running at 3rd place at the 4th lap, but at the Mulsannne corner it crashed with Jaguar at the 2nd place and regrettably retired at the beginning of the race.
This #24 features its wheels of SPEEDLINE.Also the height of its rear wing was a bit lower than #23 and @25.



#25 with NISSAN logo only is from American team. 
It started from the 15 place in the preliminary, driven by G.Brabham/C.Robinson/A.Luyendyk.
It was at the 5th place after 16 hours but due to its engine trouble, it retired.




The basic shape of #24 and #25 is alsmot same. Only #23 has destinctive long tail light,different shaped air intake of the body side and duct at the top. 
Each machine differs from each other at the height of mirrors and the number of holes on the spatz.
You will see the specification of each machine is slightly different.  



Which machine is your favorite? I like this #24 with the SPEEDLINE wheels. 
I remember #24 agressive racing made me feel like it was almost winning. Such exciting race was the first for the Japan machines ever.
These 3 types of NISSAN R89C 1989 LeMans will be soon available on market. Stay tuned!



The next NISSAN C cars we are planning are March machines. You can count for it!