From A Nissan R91CK (#27) 1991 JSPC


本日はユニシアニッサン 83/84と同時に量産しました、From A Nissan R91CK 1991 JSPCをご紹介します。


Hi, dear all IG collectors!
The next new racing model car from Ignition  From A Nissan R91CK 1991 JSPC.



NOVA ENGINEERING Porsche 962C was racing until 1990 but they changed to Nissan from 1991. 
Their Nissan car made its debut in Fuji 500km 1991.   




It was driven by Akihiko Nakaya/V.Weidler. It staretd in the 7th place at the preliminary, 
but was keeping up in the final phase meanwhile all the other competitors slowed down with less leftover gasoline.
Finally it finished in the 2nd place, only 1 second after the winner Calsonic Nissan R91CP. 


hpi時代に92デイトナ/92美祢/93鈴鹿仕様を作ってきましたが、今回の91デビュー戦はモデファイはまだ殆どされていなく、ほぼ前年のNME WSPC仕様に近い状態ですね。2段ウィングから始まり、最後はドアまで無くしていった、ノバ陣営独自のモデファイはどの仕様もかっこよかったです。このシンプルな1段ウィング仕様のフロムAニッサンも間もなく発売予定です。

This model From A Nissan R91CK 1991 JSPC, which will be avaialble on the market soon, is quite similar to the previous year NME WSPC version.
NOVA ENGINEERING made some modifications. The bi-plane wing changed to a mono-plane wing and the door was removed.






TOM's team DENSO TOYOTA 90C-V also participated in 1991 JSPC. It will join in IG racing car program soon and now under the painting stage together with SARD team DENSO TOYOTA 1990 LeMans.
Don't miss them!